Enn Lavi Dirab
Going Beyond

A slogan with a promise and a conviction, #ennlavidirab (English Translation: A Sustainable Life) forges the objective of sensitizing the community in Mauritius on simple steps and actions which can lead to sustainable lifestyle and therefore contribute to the country’s & the planet’s SDGs’ achievement.

We are a registered NGO led by core members with sustainability background & passion aiming to promote #EnnLaviDirab starting from schools, to citizens and enterprises.

The Managing Committee

We are professionals with significant experience in the world of sustainability and communication, forming the perfect blend for strategic thinking and implementation of projects endeavours.


President – Nausheen AULLYBUX (Communication & Public Relations Professional)

Vice-President – Siddhee BHOJOO (Research and Marketing Professional)

Secretary – Shabir AULLYBUX (Sales and Automobile Expert)

Treasurer – Kritanand SUJEEWON (Construction Professional)

Founding Member – Pooja ETWAH (Sustainability Professional) 

Founding Member – Toshan UNNOOP (Content Creator & Sustainable Product Design Professional) 


Our Vision

We want to make #ennlavidirab not only a motto, but a lifestyle and a brand to which each Mauritian and local corporates can adhere to, by adopting, integrating and promoting sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Kolektif Enn Lavi Dirab aspires to be the sustainability influencer in Mauritius and the African region, driving real change in the community and businesses through a shift in lifestyle, consumption patterns and towards ethical & greener businesses models.